AC 220V EU Plug Switching DC Lab Power Supply 30V 10A 5A 300W Adjustable Laboratory Bench Power-Supplies Voltage Regulator USB


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1.Small size, light weight and high power density.

2.Constant pressure and constant current switch automatically.

3.LED display of voltage, current and power, high precision and features of voltage stabilization, current limiting, and simple operation.

4.Adjustable Output Voltage & Current: output voltage and output current can be continuously 5.adjusted between 0 and nominal value with fine regulating and coarse regulating has over voltage protection(OVP), over current protection(OCP), over temperature protection

7.Temperature controlled fan cooling, low noise, long life.

8.Dual voltage input and convenient choice.

9.Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment .

10.Output current ranges from 0 to rating current with continuous adjustment

11. AC 110v and 220V can work , rest assured to choose.

12. Encoder adjustment DC power supply

13. Voltage and current one-key conversion regulation

14. Built-in cooling fan, Smart turn on when temperature over 50℃

FCC & CE certified produ

1. High-precision LED digital display, intuitive and clear.

2.8 cm smart fan, excellent heat dissipation, practical extend fan life and reduce noise.

3. The use of advanced technology to effectively reduce the weight of the power and convenience of mobile power.

4. A variety of protection, current limiting protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP), Over Power Protection (OPP).

5. plastic panels, more beautiful, voltage, current, coarse and fine adjustment knob to set the settings to be more precise.

Car DVD, Car Audio.

Aging products, such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LED and the like.

Laboratory, factory, repair power supply.

Other DC power supply all the needs of the occasion.

Type SPS3010 SPS605 SPS1203 SPS305
Output Voltage 0-30V 0-60V 0-120V 0-30V
Output current 0-10A 0-5A 0-3A 0-5A
Power 300W 300W 360W 150W
Voltage/current display Four display Four display Four display Four display
Input Voltage 230V±10% 60Hz
Working Temperature Working temperature:0℃-40℃;relative humidity:<80%RH
Storage temperature :-10℃-70℃;relative humidity:<70%RH
Constant voltage State Voltage stability:0.1%±3mV
Low Voltage:0.2-0.3%+3mV
Load stability: 0.2%±3mV
Ripple noise ≤30mVrms
0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
Constant Current State Current stability:0.2%+3mA
Load stability: 0.2%±3mA
Ripple noise ≤20mArms(Valid Value)
Recovery time:≤500μS
Temperature coefficient:≤100ppm/℃
0 to rated current continuously adjustable
Display Display size:5.3cm*4.8cm
Screen type:LCD Screen (Protect eyes 24hours working)
Display accuracy:0.5%±2digits
Display resolution voltage :0.01V
Display resolution Current :0.001A
Product size Long 24cm x Wide 8.5cm x High 15.5
USB interface 5V 2A for mobile phone repair and charging
Net weight 1.2Kg 1.2Kg 1.2Kg 1.2Kg
Fuse standard 3A(AC 220V inpute) ,5A (AC 110V inpute)
Product color Black and White for optional
Built-in cooling fan Smart turn on when temperature over 50℃

Package Include

1X DC Power Supply

1X Power Adapter(EU/AU/UK/US we will send according to you country)

1X Black Output Line

1X Red Output Line

1X Instruction Book (English)

1X Pakcgae Box(Hard)

2X Protective Sponge

1X Certificate of Conformity(1 Year)

Questions & Answer

Q 1:The current knob has been turned,why can’t the current be adjusted?

A 1:You must connecte a load and the voltage setting cannot be 0, and then the current is adjusted

Q 2:Why isn’t the cooling fan working?

A 2:We installed a smart cooling fan with a built-in temperature control sensor that turns on when

         the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius.

Q 3:I can’t choose the input voltage 220V or 110V?And the EU/AU/US/UK plug ?

A 3:We will send the corresponding products and plug according to your country, if you have

         special needs, please contact us, we will send the correct products to you.

Q 3:Scratches on the screen?

A 3:There is a protective film on the screen that can be peeled off.


We will send your package within one day and one day delay on weekends

Warranty & Return Policy

One year warranty

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