BPS3010 DC Power Supply 30V 10A Adjustable Laboratory Power switching power supply 110v/220v lab power supply


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1. Please use a power cord that meets the power requirements of this product

2. Before use, the power supply must be grounded reliably, and the weak leakage

current caused by the internal anti-electromagnetic interference circuit of the power

supply should be led to the ground, otherwise “false leakage will occur which may

cause damage to the load equipment or cause the power supply to resist interference

decrease in ability.

3. When using this power supply to charge reusable batteries (such as lead-acid

batteries), be sure to connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply to

the positive and negative poles of the battery correctly.

4. If the connection is reversed, it may burn out the internal rectifying parts of the

power supply, or damage the load equipment.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use this product in an environment with flammable,

explosive materials, humidity, and corrosive gas.

6. When this product is working, it will generate heat. especially under full power

usage, Therefore, please use this product in an environment with good ventilation

and heat dissipation, and ensure that there are no other obstacles in the vicinity of

the product’s cooling fan and vents

7. When using this power supply, please select an output wire with sufficient wire

diameter according to the output current of the product. The connection area

between the wire and the power supply, the wire and the load equipment is large

enough, the contact surface is clean and free of corrosion, and the connection must

be firm to avoid heat damage to the terminal or load equipment, which may cause a

fire in severe cases.

8. If you encounter product use problems and quality problems, please consult our

after-sales personnel. If necessary, the power supply must be sent to our company

for maintenance. Because there is a high voltage inside the machine. (Even if the

power is off, the circuit will still have high voltage for a certain period of time.)

Please do not repair or modify it by yourself. otherwise. it may cause the expansion

of the fault or cause personal injury.

9. Please confirm the AC voltage allowed by the machine first. This machine can

realize two kinds of AC voltage input through the switch on the rear panel: AC

230V ± 10% or AC 115V ± 10% (when “230V” appears, allowable input

voltage:AC230V±10% when “115V” appears, allowable input voltage: AC 115±


Product Specification

Four-digit display 0.01 V/0.001 A

1.BPS1203 Programmable DC power supply with power display 120V 3A

2.BPS3010 Programmable DC power supply with power display 30V 10A

3.BPS605  Programmable DC power supply with power display 60V 5A

4.BPS305  Programmable DC power supply with power display 30V 5A

Product Features

DIAIARY’s new series products. This model is a miniature switching DC power supply. The output voltage and current can be controlled and adjusted by variable resistors respectively, so it provides more convenience and accuracy in the adjustment of voltage and current. The panel also provides high-precision two/three-window digital tube display of voltage, current and power, so that users can intuitively see the current use status and various parameters of the machine

1.Small size, light weight and high power density.

2.Constant pressure and constant current switch automatically.

3.LED display of voltage, current and power, high precision and features of voltage stabilization, current limiting, and simple operation.

4.Adjustable Output Voltage & Current: output voltage and output current can be continuously

5.adjusted between 0 and nominal value with fine regulating and coarse regulating has over voltage protection(OVP), over current protection(OCP), over temperature protection

7.Temperature controlled fan cooling, low noise, long life.

8.Dual voltage input and convenient choice.

9.Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment .

10. Output current ranges from 0 to rating current with continuous adjustment

11.AC 110v and 220vcan work, rest assured to choose.

12.Encoder adjustment (With memory storage function)(Optional)DC power supply

FCC & CE certified product

Output Power 150W/300W/320W/360W
Output voltage 0~30V/60V/120V/160V
Output current 0~2A/3A/5A/10A
working environment
input voltage:AC 230V/115V±10%;50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature:0℃~40℃;relative humidity:<80%RH
Storage temperature:-10℃~70℃;relative humidity:<70%RH
Constant voltage CV
Voltage stability:0.1%±3mV
Load stability: 0.2%±3mV
Ripple voltage:≤0.5% Vp-p
0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
constant current CC
Current stability:0.1%±3mA
Load stability: 0.2%±3mA
Ripple current:≤0.5% Vp-p
Recovery time:≤500μS
Temperature coefficient:≤100ppm/℃
0 to rated current continuously adjustable

1. Production line test.

2. Mobile phonemaintenance, computermaintenance, electrical appliance maintenance,Car DVD, car audio.

3. Product aging, electroplating,such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LEDs, etc.

4. Charge the battery.

5. Laboratory, scientific research teaching,factory, maintenance power laboratories scientific research    and production line use

6. All other occasions requiring DC power supply.

Model BPS3010
Output current 0-10A
Output voltage 0-30V
Output power 300W
Operation temperature 0~40℃
Protection method Current limiting protection/short circuit alarm stop output
Constant output voltage Voltage/load stability ≤ 0.1%+3mV ripple noise ≤ 20mVrms (effective value)
Constant current state Current stability ≤ 0.1%+3mA Load stability ≤ 0.2%+3mA
Ripple noise ≤ 5mArms (effective value)
Digital display accuracy Four digit Nixie tube, three groups of voltage, current and power display
Display resolution Voltage: 001V/0.1V Current 0001A/0.01A
Display Accuracy High definition 4-bit display
Product Size 8.9cm (length) x 18cm (width) x 14cm (height)
Product weight 1.2KG
Including accessories Power cord * 1 Instruction manual * 1 Warranty card certificate * 1 Output cable * 1
Color Black

Additional information


Gold, Silver, Green, Black



Output Current


Output Frequency


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